Technical services

With full experience and skills to perform all installation and maintenance requirements of industrial electrical equipment and systems. Support for quiet installation of specialized electrical systems, re-engineered for simple operation, so your entire electrical system will operate at its best. You will get the most out of our service, training and experience.

When the system has a problem or failure, instead of waiting for a replacement order, you can simply contact the ELAS Service Center, thus saving money and time. You will also easily realize the obvious benefits of our top-notch service. Quick response, full capacity to ensure your equipment is running well, understanding all needs and overall processes

ELAS has a team of professional engineers, experienced and professionally trained by manufacturers. We respond to all your requests in the most dedicated way, with the most professional service process.

Equipped with professional tools and equipment from major brands such as ABB, Schneider, Fluke, Vanguard, Kyoritsu… As an official distributor of manufacturers, in emergency situations ELAS can support you 24/7

Contact the service center

Full name:Bui Duc Thang – Director of Technical Service Center
Phone number:0915056066

Maintenance service

Maintenance is the process of assessing, testing, analyzing, maintaining, and controlling possible risks to electrical systems and equipment. For the purpose of maintaining safe operations and production systems, minimizing or preventing any risk of system disruption or equipment damage.


Repair services

With many years of experience in the field, the ELAS team has the experience and skills needed to provide you with the electrical and technical services you need to keep your electrical equipment system running smoothly and achieve the highest efficiency.


Replacement parts

Our services help you increase the efficiency of your equipment and reduce your costs. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, our experts ensure the spare parts needed to serve all of your needs.


Upgrade, extend

Plan improvements to prolong product life by reviewing equipment status and making necessary recommendations, reviewing equipment health and specific functions available. Planning to extend operating time to manage costs.