Smart home solution (Elas Smart Home)

SMART HOME Always brings a peaceful life. A modern house should not only be solid, but also beautiful and above all ensure Safety – Security. Safe House brings peace of mind.

Simply smart. ABB & ELAS turns your house or apartment into a smart home. All home appliances such as curtains, lights, heating, air conditioning, doors, communications or scenes are controlled remotely via smart phone.

Easy remote control via a wall switch, control with laptop or smartphone is very convenient, extremely comfortable. Energy saving

Easy and flexible installation With wired or wireless sensors, actuators and sensors, as well as configuration and operation through the application, the system is scalable in the future and thus ensures engineers electricity more successful for easier installation and operation for customers

light control

The art of lighting makes a difference in the architecture of your home. Groups of lights will be adjusted in light intensity to suit each scene, making the house lively and luxurious. For example, the “Dinner” scene is created by changing the light of the lamp in coordination with the movement of the curtain in the dining room.

The gate post lights will automatically light up at 18:30 and turn off at 22:00 on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays will light up half an hour earlier and turn off half an hour later.

You can turn on/off or control the brightness of the lights in your home with a switch, phone, or on pre-set lighting scenarios. Lights can be controlled individually/in groups or by using motion sensors. The use of presence sensors for traffic lighting purposes (stairs, corridors, etc.) helps to save energy. With the help of Philips color changing LEDs, it offers a whole new combination of light.

Control Curtains, Roller Doors, Gate Doors

The curtain management system is suitable for controlling all motor driven blinds such as roller blinds and awnings.

Integrate our curtain control solutions into your smart home and they will effectively interact with your lighting, heating & air conditioning systems.. for even greater efficiency.

The Curtain system will combine with lights.. to create the scenes “Reception”, “Dinner”, “Dawn”, “Sleep well”… The roof of the skylight will close when it is sunny to protect the stairs and wooden floors from warping. Likewise, the sunroof will automatically retract when it rains in case you are not at home.

Security system

Warning – Outer Ring

For the purpose of warding off When there is an unwanted appearance in the areas outside the garden, fence, balcony, terrace … immediately the lights on the spot come on, and at the same time support the camera to record.

Urgent – Inner Ring

If a thief tries to break into the house, the alarm will be activated, the hallway lights will turn on, the notification will be sent to Email, a call to the homeowner’s number, and the signal “Danger” is sent to the Security Station of the Video door phone system.

Emergency push button

Arranged in the Master bedroom and camouflaged in a few other locations to help homeowners conveniently send the “Emergency” signal to the Security Station of the Video door phone system. Arranged in the bedroom of old people when needing medical help (stroke, stroke, etc.)

Electrical safety: Equipment using 3-phase power grid will be protected against overvoltage, undervoltage, phase reversal, phase difference, and neutral loss. When there is a leak, the load is immediately disconnected from the supply.

When the concentration of smoke / gas / CO2 exceeds the allowable threshold or there is a risk of flooding due to water overflow, broken glass due to knocking on the door, etc., the system will send a warning signal and provide handling measures.

Security cameras monitor 24/7 via Smartphone, or integrate with cable TV system on any TV with a preset channel.

Data is stored digitally anywhere, regardless of the location of the recorder, this solution increases security and simplifies data retrieval.

In security mode, the motion sensor will turn on the lights, support the camera to record.

Monitoring the status of the device (Forgot to turn off the stove, the balcony light is still on) is easily controlled from anywhere on the Smart-phone/Tablet screen.

Multi-zone audio and video

At the same time, 4 rooms can listen to 4 different songs or listen to the same song.

Share music sources on Media server for all regions.

Control, select songs on Smartphone/Tablet.

HD movies will be shared on the televisions in the rooms.

Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC

Combined with lights, curtains create animations.

Auto-off feature when not in use.

Remote control and monitoring via Touch panel/Smartphone/Tablet.

Solar power system

ABB’s solar solutions turn Italian homes into smart homes

ABB has played a leading role in the growth and development of the photovoltaic (PV) market since the early 1990s. Today, ABB offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale PV installations.