Electrical Equipment & Automation System Joint Stock Company (ELAS, JSC) is a leading supplier of high-tech products and electrical equipment, meeting the needs of a large number of customers in the fields of: industry, infrastructure, energy, buildings… through manufacturers. panel manufacturers, system integrators, contractors and distribution channels.

ELAS’s staff are people with many years of experience in the field of electrical systems and automation, trained and matured from professional working environments, have participated in implementing many large projects with high complexity.

We consider “People are the most valuable asset”. Therefore, we are always looking for talented people with good moral foundation and character, sharing the same vision to build a powerful organization, sharing success, bringing material and spiritual benefits. for all members. We search, train and give opportunities to young, talented, dare to think – dare to do.

Manufacturer training certificate: 90%
Maintenance staff training: 85%
Degree success of repair and replace spare parts: 90%
Degree success of extension, upgrade old equipment: 80%